Major Program

Shanghai micro-system as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the first system-level model of the overall task of the unit, breaking the multi-functional composite sensor and other key technologies, established a special broadband wireless sensor network system solutions to achieve a large-scale application of related units in China And the communication system spans from narrowband to broadband technology. The successful development of the first domestic SOI-based 0.13-micron process of large-scale high-reliability ASIC ASIC chip, used in Beidou navigation satellite and other key national projects for China's core components of space control and lay a solid foundation.

Intelligent perception micro-system - Stabilizing equipment production, promoting research and industry simultaneously.

High-end silicon-based materials and applications - Reinforcing SOI wafer production, achieving breakthrough in large silicon wafer.

Superconducting quantum devices and circuits – Setting a number of world records, selected as the major breakthrough in the institute.

Special broadband wireless communication technology and equipment.

Micro-nano sensors and Microsystems.

Phase change memory and its application.

Terahertz solid state technology.

Brain-like chip and bionic vision.