Research Directions

Phase Change Memory

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According to the national strategic plan and international nanotechnology developments in nanotechnology, with high density, high speed, low power consumption, reliable, and high performance phase change memory, high purity nano abrasive and polishing slurry as the main research directions, the team aims at developing PCRAM novel materials, chip design, process integration, testing technology and nano abrasive and CMP slurry with independent intellectual property rights, as well as setting up 8/12-inch PCRAM platform, developing a competitive PCRAM chip based on 130/110/40/28

nm design rule and establishing technical database for mass production, to realize the industrialization of independent intellectual PCRAM chip.

Major research focuses:

(1) PCRAM applied basic research: First principle calculation, development and engineering of novel PCRAM materials, 3D high-density switch and memory devices, and brain-like computing.

(2) Design, test and applications of PCRAM chip: 130/110/40/28 nm PCRAM circuit design, chip process design, independent test platform, 8/12 inch test platforms, packaging, testing and application of PCRAM chip.

(3) 8/12 inch PCRAM process development: Nano-filled, polished, etching and other process development; 1D, 1R, nano electrode, ring electrode process development; 1T1R, 1D1R process integration and optimization.

(4) High purity abrasive and CMP slurry: Nano abrasive with high purity, slurry for silicon polishing, sapphire polishing, and phase change material polishing slurry.

Novel nano-electronic Materials and Devices Research Group has 25 research personnel, including 6 researchers, 7 associate research fellows, including 1 included in the "1000 talents plan" of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, 2 Chief Scientists of National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973), 1 awarded with the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars. The Group has undertaken National Integrate Circuit Research Program, National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 A) of China, "Strategic Priority Research Program" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and National Natural Science Foundation of China, etc. The Group has applied for over 300 patents, and published more than 400 papers in Nature Communications, Nanoscale, Scientific Report, etc. The Group won Shanghai Technical Invention Award (first prize) in 2016.