Research Directions

Brain-inspired Intelligence Vision System and Bionic Information Processor

Date:23-08-2017   |   【Print】 【close

Build the world's first bionic eyes visual research and development platform, breaking the bottleneck in the existing fixed vision sensor technology applications. Based on the bionic eyes stereo perception technology, develop the world's first mobile bionic eyes applicable for mobile robot. SIASUN’s two-arm robot equipped with the bionic eyes won the gold medal in 2016 Shanghai International Industry Fair and received support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Pilot B Special Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Plan, Lingang Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Special Project and other national and local projects. After joining the Brain Science and Intelligent Technology Excellence Innovation Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2015, successfully participate in the Shanghai Brain - Intellectual Project in 2016. Set up industrial base in Lingang Area; receive investment support from Xike Angle, Siasun and many other companies, identified as "Robot Vision Standardization Innovation Center" by Shanghai Robot Association.