Research Directions

Intelligent Sensing Microsystems

Date:23-08-2017   |   【Print】 【close

2016 was an important year when the wireless sensor network business department operated after the integration of micro-system technology key laboratory, institute wireless sensor network and communications key laboratory. Around the major breakthrough in the intelligent perception micro-system, fit out one generation while develop the second generation of products and researching on the third generation of products. Continue to provide model fitting out guarantee for the national related units, with an annual output value of 93 million yuan, new contract amount of 20 million yuan, participating in the integrated drills of many departments many times. Serving the national strategy, provide system equipment and technical support for the security work at the 11th G20 Summit (G20 Hangzhou Summit), obtaining the special instructions and fully affirmation of the chief of the armed police force. Participate in key security system of South-to-North Water Transfer Project, island-reef special sensing network, Beidou navigation satellite and other projects, playing the role of national scientific and technological strength for the national strategic needs.

Adapt to the integration of military and civilian and major trend of commercialization of research findings, and actively communicated with the forestry, water conservancy, public security and other industry users to promote the transfer and commercialization of relevant achievements. The test and trial of a variety of industry IoT products have been completed, which can achieve wide range, high precision, real-time automatic monitoring and early warning, observing the national forest fire alarm real-time prevention level and performing automatic alarm through the cell phone, which is expected to be fully promoted and gradually rolled out during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, playing the role of national team of scientific and technological innovation for the main battlefield of national economic development.

Frontier core technology research has provided important support for the sustainable development. Miniaturized ultra-low power sensor features micro-energy source, micro-aperture array sensor, micro-integration technology, wireless data transmission, self complementary capacity of energy in field environment and other capacities. Multi-spectral fusion technology has achieved the effective information fusion of visible image and infrared light image, combining the advantages of both data acquisition, to highlight the target information in a variety of application environment. Anti-terrorism scouting ball can perceive panoramic video (visible light, infrared), sound, gas concentration, environment, self gesture, etc., applicable for a variety of important occasions. Integrated chip has broken the situation that key core device depends on the import, and so on.

Wireless sensor network and communication key laboratory achieved good results (B) in the key laboratory assessment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences once in five years. Prepare and establish "Fog Computing Joint Laboratory" with ShanghaiTech University, selected as the International Open Fog Computing Alliance Greater China Chairman. Built the international advanced Open 5G experimental verification platform, and successfully join the Open Cellular and TIP international alliance. Establish the international advanced MIMO Parallel Channel Sounder, as an open service model for innovative channel data, constructing the shared scientific devices and experimental data platform in the wireless communications field. The related achievements won the "Technology Invention Award" first prize of China Institute of Communications.