• All-water-based electron-beam lithography using silk as a resist

    The use of silk as a natural and biofunctional resist for electron-beam lithography is presented. The process is entirely water-based, starting with the silk aqueous solution and ending with simple development of the exposed silk film in water. Because of its polymorphic crystalline structure, si...[ Learn more ]

  • Protein-Protein Nanoimprinting of Silk Fibroin Films

    Protein-protein imprinting of silk fibroin is introduced as a rapid, high-throughput method for the fabrication of nanoscale structures in silk films, through the application of heat and pressure. Imprinting on conformal surfaces is demonstrated with minor adjustments to the system, at resolution...[ Learn more ]

  • A Physically Transient Form of Silicon Electronics

    A set of materials, manufacturing schemes, device components, and theoretical design tools for a silicon-based CMOS technology that has transient behavior, together with integrated sensors, actuators, power supply systems, and wireless control strategies has been reported. An implantable transien...[ Learn more ]