• Reconfigurable Terahertz Metamaterials

    Reconfigurable anisotropic metamaterials at terahertz frequencies where artificial “atoms” reorient within unit cells in response to an external stimulus has been demonstrated. It is accomplished by fabricating planar arrays of split ring resonators on bimaterial cantilevers designed to bend ou...[ Learn more ]

  • Silk Materials – A Road to Sustainable High Technology

    This review addresses the use of silk protein as a sustainable material in optics and photonics, electronics and optoelectronic applications. These options represent additional developments for this technology platform that compound the broad utility and impact of this material for medical needs ...[ Learn more ]

  • Implantable, multifunctional, bioresorbable optics

    An approach that combines enhanced imaging of malignancies, therapeutics, and feedback about therapeutics in a single implantable, biocompatible, and resorbable device is presented. By developing a form of high-quality microstructured optical elements, improved imaging of malignancies and of trea...[ Learn more ]

  • Silk-based resorbable electronic devices for remotely controlled therapy and in vivo infection ab...

    A fully degradable, remotely controlled, implantable therapeutic device operating in vivo to counter a Staphylococcus aureus infection that disappears once its function is complete is presented. This class of device provides fully resorbable packaging and electronics that can be turned on remotel...[ Learn more ]