The Mircosystem Institute held the Advanced Solar Technology Symposium

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Microsystem Institute held the Advanced Solar Technology Symposium on 22-23.Party Secretary and Executive Vice Director Wang Xi, Director Assistant Yu Yuehui, Vice Director Sun Xiaowei of the Laboratory 5, Vice Directors Li Zhilin and Zhou Jian, Researcher Wang Guangyu, Researcher Wang Le, Chief Engineer Xia Shiwei, Researcher Yang Hui, Researcher Wu Zhu, Researcher Wu Yaming, Gao Xiuli of the Science and Technology Department, Director Cheng Lili of the Key Project Office, and some of the staffs of Microsystem Institute, etc. The Symposium was hosted by Vice Director Zhao Jianlong.

At the Symposium, the Party Secretary Wang Xi firstly extended his welcome to all experts coming all the way along to attend the Symposium, and reviewed previous symposiums, pointing out that Microsystem Institute has been more and more involved in solar technology. The contents of related events are more versatile, while participants are more professional. Moreover, this symposium has invited relevant experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to speak, a world-wide famous research institute and well-known enterprises of the industry, , which is a highlight of the Symposium. The Symposium would provide favorable communication platform for Microsystem Institute to study the energy technology and explore the engineering technology. He hoped that this symposium would further open people’s eyes, strengthen international cooperation, master the international cutting-edge development trend, and help the institute to further improve their research and engineering by considering the enterprise’s own requirements and characteristics.

Professor Duan Xiaoman from MIT delivered a speech titled “The Latest Progress on Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Research in MIT”, giving an introduction to the research techniques and results of the photonic crystal technology in improving the solar battery efficiency.

Dr. Yi Yasha gave a speech entitled “Next Generation Photovoltaic and Solar Cells for Renewable Energy Applications”, introducing relevant technologies of the MIT in the following research.

Dr. Yao Guoxiao studied in the University of New South Wales of Australia spoke about “Research on High-efficiency Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell”, introducing new technologies in making the high-efficiency crystalline silicon.

Deng Zhenyan, expert study in Japan and professor of Shanghai University gave the lecture entitled “Research on Surface Modification of Aluminum of New Portable Hydrogen Producing Materials”, and demonstrated the hydrogen producing process by adopting the new materials in the Symposium.

Sha Xiaolin, chairman of Nantong Qiangsheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. gave an introduction to the development of industrial technologies of thin-film solar cell and experiences in industrialization of the thin-film solar cell, stressing that enterprises focused more on the price and cost of products.

All experts concluded that it was necessary to select one to two directions, combine national and corporate demands, strengthen technical R&D, and turn out featured achievements; meanwhile, it was of equal importance to build relevant platforms and provide supports to the scientific research.