The Institute held the Symposium 2009 successfully

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The first CAS Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology Symposium with the theme of “helping the young talents and pursuing new innovations” was held on 18-19 August 2009 in Lecture Hall, Siyuan Building of the Institute. The Symposium received 47 papers related to major research subjects of the Institute including the micronano sensor technology, the information function materials, the sensor network, the radio frequency, the energy, and the wireless communication, etc., all included in the Symposium Thesis Collection. There were altogether 46 young researchers and PhDs that are going to graduate and stay in the Institute from different divisions giving reports in the Symposium, attracting nearly 300 participants attending.

Mr. Wang Xi, Secretary of the Party Committee, Executive Deputy Head of the Institute and the Researcher, gave an important speech in the brief opening ceremony of the Symposium. First all, he, on behalf of the management, extended the warmest congratulations to the opening of the Symposium. He pointed out that the purpose of organising the Symposium is to improve the academic exchange atmosphere of the Institute, and create an interactive platform for young researchers in particular to exchange ideas and exhibit their talents. In the one and a half day lecturing and exchanges, young researches from each division introduced their vivacious research results. The audiences also raised a lot of questions to discuss and exchange ideas with them, so as to understand the subject in-depth through interaction with the speakers. Meanwhile, the speakers also acquired many questions and suggestions worth further studying through the discussion. At last, Mr. Wang Xi, the Secretary of the Party Committee gave full recognition and affirmation on the Symposium. He pointed out that the Symposium promoted the learning experience and discussion among different divisions with its rich content and exciting discussions, achieving the purpose of “activating the academic atmosphere and promoting the communication and development”. Meanwhile, he encouraged all young scientific researchers of the Institute to actively bring innovations to their researches to generate more scientific research results.

The Symposium has reviewed the selected six outstanding papers from all papers collected, among which there are one 1st Prize won by Dr. Rao Fubo, two 2nd Prizes, won by Dr. Wu Aimin and Dr. Lin Shuiyang, and three 3rd Prizes, won by Dr. Xu Pengcheng, Dr. Li Hua, and Dr. Li Lingyun. Mr. Wang Yuelin, Deputy Head of the Institute, announced the winners, while Mr. Wang Xi, Secretary and Executive Deputy Head of the Institute, Mr. Qi Ming, Deputy Head of the Institute, and Mr. Zhao Jianlong, Deputy Head of the Institute, presented the certificates to the winners.