The successful organisation of the exchange seminar between SIMIT and “European-Chinese Microsystem Forum” delegation

Date:09-09-2017   |   【Print】 【close

In order to attract more overseas scholars to return to China for career development and further enhance the communication inside and outside China on the mycrosystem technology, SIMIT invited the “European-Chinese Microsystem Forum” delegation (referred to “the delegation” below) to visit the Institute and exchange ideas on the subject. The seminar was held in SIMIT on 6-7 September. The delegation led by Dr. Jin Xing of NXP Semiconductors Netherlands was composed of seven PhDs coming from top European companies and universities in the semiconductor field, such as NXP Semiconductors, the Mycrosystem R&D centre of IMEC Belgium, Solarfun (China), and Eindhoven University of Netherlands, etc. Mr. Yang Peng, Vice Director of the HR Division, the CAS Personal and Education Bureau of the Institute was invited to attend the seminar, which was also attended by Mr. Feng Songlin, Head of the Institute, Mr. Wang Xi, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy Head of the Institute, Mr. Qi Ming, Mr. Yang Genqing, Mr. Zhao Jianlong, and Mr. Wang Yuelin, Deputy Heads of the Institute, Mr. Yu Yuehui, Assistant Head of the Institute, division directors and vice directors as well as some of the researchers.

Hosted by Mr. Wang Xi, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy Head of the Institute, Mr. Yang Peng, Vice Director of the CAS Personal and Education Bureau gave an introduction to the national policy on overseas high-level talents and the CAS Talents System Program. Dr. Jin Xing introduced the serve-the-country and work-back-home project of the “European-Chinese Microsystem Forum” at the research fields of the delegation members, including the key technology and latest progress in their research, such as the large scale integrated circuit, the automobile chips, and the solar battery, etc. SIMIT delegates also introduced the current research work of each research division in related areas. In the seminar, Mr. Feng Songlin, the Head of the Institute introduced the profile of CAS Shanghai Hi-tech Institute (in preparation). Mr. Wang Xi, the Chief Secretary, introduced the overall status of the Institute as well as the financial area and the new growth point for the further development. During the seminar, Mr. Wang Yuelin, the Deputy Head of the Institute, showed the institute display room to the delegation members. The SIMIT delegates and the delegation members also had in-depth communications and discussions, through which the delegation members experienced the hospitality and sincerity of SIMIT. Some delegate members had already intended to “settle down”, laying a good foundation for the further cooperation between two parties in areas such as the solar battery and the automobile electronics.

The successful organisation of the seminar has promoted the academic exchanges between SIMIT and the international peers, as well as setting up a good platform for attracting the excellent scholars to continue their career back in China. Focusing on the strategic planning and development scheme, SIMIT will further enhance the international cooperation and communication, accelerate the development of the new research subjects and the new growth point, and attract high-quality talents from both inside and outside China, so as to pioneer the new development in the “12th Five-Year Plan” period.