Ma Kai, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council and his Party Visited Zing Semiconductor On the morning

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On the morning of May 5, Ma Kai, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, Ding Xuedong, Deputy Secretary of the State Council, Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Liu Wei, Vice Minister of Finance, Zhou Bo, Member of Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor and other leaders visited Zing Semiconductor Corporation, Shanghai.

Academician Wang Xi, Chairman Wang Fuxiang and General Manager Zhang Rujing represented Zing Semiconductor Corporation to welcome the visitors. Vice Premier Ma Kai listened to the report of General Manager Dr. Zhang Rujing on the construction and development of Zing Semiconductor Corporation, visited the process flow from raw materials to final products at all stages, and then entered the crystal pulling production site for a detailed understanding of the manufacturing process of 300mm monocrystalline silicon stick and the localization application status of the equipment. He then the 300mm wafer lapping, polishing, cleaning, epitaxy and other production sites, wearing dust-free clothing, to understand the personnel training, production and operation of various types of equipment and production capacity situation, giving recognition and encouragement for the progress of Zing Semiconductor and its active support for the localization of equipment, materials and other aspects. Vice Premier Ma Kai also showed his deep concern about the progress that the enterprise made in the R&D, production and operation, as well as equipment imports, customs clearance efficiency, talent introduction and other aspects, and the problems and difficulties that the enterprise encountered, while listening to the recommendations of Academician Wang Xi and Chairman Wang Fuxiang on the national policy in the 300mm large wafer industry at the same time. Vice Premier Ma Kai instructed the responsible leaders of ministries and commissions onsite to continue to give the required support and guidance to Zing Semiconductor Corporation.

Established in June 2014, Zing Semiconductor Corporation is located in Lingang heavy equipment area, covering an area of 150 mu, with the expected investment of RMB 2.2 billion in Phase I. It is is one of the advanced 12-inch large silicon wafer manufacturers, and also the largest domestic 12-inch large silicon wafer production enterprise at present. Phase I target focuses on R & D and mass production of 300mm silicon monocrystalline silicon wafer applicable to 40-28nm node, including the monocrystalline silicon stick growth, wafer processing, epitaxial wafer fabrication, wafer analysis and testing and other complete production process of silicon wafer industrialization.

Zing Semiconductor Corporation is committed to building 300mm semiconductor wafer production base, achieving localization of 300mm semiconductor wafer, and making positive efforts to meet the urgent need of China's ultra large scale integrated circuit industry for silicon substrate materials. Also committed to filling the gaps in the domestic semiconductor large wafer materials, it actively cooperates with domestic manufacturers to make joint development, enhance technology and strive to form a complete semiconductor industry chain, so as to enhance the global competitiveness of China's semiconductor industry. Currently, the process research and development configuration with the monthly output of 10,000 wafers has been completed. It is expected that by the end of 2017, the monthly production capacity of 120,000 wafers can be achieved. And Phase II target is to achieve monthly production capacity of 600,000 wafers.

Vice Premier Ma Kai and his party were warmly welcomed by all the staff of Zing Semiconductor. The arrival of Vice President Ma Kai greatly inspired the morale of all the staff of Zing Semiconductor, encouraging everyone to never forget about the initial faith and to make pioneering efforts and forge ahead, striving to break the situation that large silicon materials in our country basically depend on imports, so as to basically form a complete semiconductor industry chain in China. Zing Semiconductor Corporation will provide full support to promote the development of domestic silicon material supporting industries, and make due contribution for the complete development and prosperity of China's semiconductor industry!