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IEEE 11th Non-Volatile Memory Technology Symposium 2011(NVMTS2011) successfully held first in China

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The 11th Non-Volatile Memory Technology Symposium (NVMTS 2011), co-sponsored by Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT, CAS) and Singapore A*Star Data Storage Institute, technical-sponsored by the world largest nonprofit professional association of science and technology Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and Electron Devices Society (EDS) was held in Shanghai from November 7th to November 9th. Over 200 researchers and graduate students from more than 10 countries including USA, France, Spain, Russia, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Korea, and China attended the conference.

The opening ceremony was hosted by the Organizing Committee co-chair and SIMIT Professor Song Zhi-Tang. Mr. Fu Guo-Qing, Director of International Cooperation Division of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai, Mr. Ren Hong-Xuan, Deputy director of National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Mr. Min Guo-QuanDirector of Shanghai Nanotechnology Promotion Center et al attended the symposium. Mr. Dai Guo-Qiang, the director the National Science and Technology Infrastructure Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Ye Tian-Chun, Director of Institute of Microelectronics and Mr. He Jie, the Director of Division of Information IV of National Natural Science Foundation of China sent their messages of congratulation. Fu Guo-Qing expressed the good wishes on the success the symposium on behalf of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality. Academician Wang Xi, the director of SIMIT addressed the opening remark, showed cordial welcome to all the guests domestic and abroad for the active participation of the conference, and expressed the acknowledgment to the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Peoples Republic of China, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Chinese Academy of Sciences and SIMIT for their great support. Academician Wang Xi mentioned this conference would strengthen the international communication and cooperation within the NVMT, promoting the advance of SIMITs 02 National Research Program since SIMIT are dedicated to develop independent phase change memory chips and storage product as one of the largest research institute of China on phase change memory.

NVMTS 2011 invited nine well-known experts in the field of non-volatile memory field to address keynotes speeches. The invited experts were Dr. Pantelis Sophoclis Alexopoulos from Singapore A*Star Data Storage Institute, Dr. Simon Yang, Dr. Staut S. P. Parkin from IBM, Dr. Hongsik Jong from Samsung, Dr. Agostino Pirovano from Micron, Dr. Joshua Yang from HP corporation, Rick Coulson from Intel, Dr. Daisaburo Takashima from Toshiba and Dr. Stefan Lai from Xinnova Technology Ltd.,. Another 29 scientists from University of Minnesota, ATMI Corporation, Spain Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Tokyo University, National Tsing Hua University and SIMIT et al gave the invited presentations and 47 posters were also included. Scientific communication and discussion were performed on non-volatile memory including PCRAM, MRAM, RRAM, FeRAM, FLASH and New Concepts Memories under active and dense academic atmosphere. The symposium was closed on the afternoon of November 9th  hosted by Prof. Feng Song-Lin, the technical committee co-chair and with the closing remark addressed by Prof. Matthias Wuttig, the NVMTS 2011 Advisory Committee co-chair and Visiting Professor of SIMIT.

The first non-volatile memory was initiated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory the NVMTS in Washington 2000 and had become an important series international conference regularly held in United States. NVMTS now is a high level international scientific symposium sponsored by IEEE, aiming at providing a friendly communication environment for research and industry colleagues in the field of non-volatile memory and promoting wide cooperation and communication of professional technologies. NVMTS is held every year and this is the 11th symposium, which is held outside America for the first time.

Since non-volatile memory is front end technology and China is still during the developing stage, NVMTS 2011 supplied a good international scientific communication platform for Chinese scientists, which could enable Chinese scientists to have comprehensive understanding of the international dynamics and trends, innovation ideas and key technologies and also could make the international counterpart know China, Chinese Academy of Sciences and improve Chinas academic status and influence in the field of international non-volatile memory.

This symposium won great acclaim from all the present experts, scholars and delegates. The success of NVMTS 2011 held in Shanghai greatly enhanced Chinas position and influence in the field of non-volatile memory, and also symbolized that Shanghai had joined the international leader group in the field of non-volatile memory.



Prof. Song Zhi-Tang, co-chair of organizing committee hosted the opening ceremony (Picture provided by SIMIT)


Mr. Fu Guo-Qing, director of International Cooperation Division of the S&T commission of Shanghai expressed congratulations (Picture provided by SIMIT)


Academician Wang Xi made the opening remark (Picture provided by SIMIT)


Poster Session (Picture provided by SIMIT)


Prof. Feng Song-Lin, co-chair of technical committee hosted the closing ceremony (Picture provided by SIMIT)


Prof. Matthias Wuttig, co-chair of international advisory committee made closing remark (Picture provided by SIMIT)

Group Photo of NVMTS 2011 (Picture provided by SIMIT)