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Sino-German Joint Research Laboratory on Superconductivity and Bioelectronics inaugurates in SIMIT

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On October 21, a Joint Research Laboratory opening ceremony was held at Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS-SIMIT). The Sino-German Joint Research Laboratory on Superconductivity and Bioelectronics is built jointly by CAS-SIMIT and Institute of Bio-and Nanosystems (IBN-2), Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZ-Jülich), Germany. Academician Xi WANG, the director of CAS-SIMIT, and Professor Andreas Offenhaeusser, the director of IBN-2, inaugurated the joint laboratory. Professor FANG Qiang, the deputy director of Bureau of International Cooperation (BIC), CAS, attended and delivered speeches. Professor YU Yuehui, the deputy secretary of SIMIT, chaired the opening ceremony, and more than 160 people attended the important event.
The international joint research laboratory was established under the care and promotion of professor JIANG Mianheng, the vice president of CAS, President of Shanghai Branch, CAS, and Professor Achim Bachem, The Chairman of the Board of Directors of FZ-J
ülich. During the opening ceremony, professor Xi WANG and Professor Andreas Offenhaeusser read the congratulatory letters of Professor Mianheng JIANG and professor Achim Bachem, respectively, and reviewed the Cooperative Development between CAS-SIMIT and FZ-Juelich.
There is a long and close co-operation between CAS-SIMIT and FZ-J
ülich in academic exchanges and personal training. Two Sino-German academic conferences were held successfully in 2008 and 2010, respectively. And CAS-SIMIT has sent seven students to FZ-Jülich as sandwich students. The establishment of the international joint laboratory will push the two sides more in-depth cooperation in biological electronics and superconducting devices, circuits, as well as applications.
Following the joint laboratory opening ceremony, the second workshop on
Frontier Applications of Superconducting Sensors sponsored by SIMIT was also carried out. Some outstanding experts and scholars come from the United States, Germany, Japan, India and China, witness this important event.

(Unveiling the laboratory, picture provided by SIMIT)
(Letter of congratulation from Prof. JIANG Mianheng and Prof. Achim Bachem, picture provided by SIMIT)
(Group photo, picture provided by SIMIT)