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Academic Seminar on Wireless Communication

Date:07-04-2009   |   【Print】 【close


The wireless communication seminar was held in SIMIT on 1st April, 2009. Guests include 5 technical fellows from Nokia, NSN, CWC and 3 famous Professors from Rice UniversityOulu UniversityHelsinki University, 20 research staffs and students from SIMIT presented the seminar as well.

The seminar was host by Prof. Zhiyong Bu, the Director of Broadband Wireless Communication Lab of SIMIT. Associate Prof. Zhou Zhigang firstly introduced the SIMIT history and R&D status in brief and also presented the new concept of future broadband wireless communication, that is, the unicast and broadcast convergence triple play scheme proposed by SIMIT.

Then, Prof. Wang Ping, Prof. Behnaam Aazhang, Prof. Markku Juntti and Prof. Olav Tirkkonen gave the presentation on each fields with the topics: Radio Channel Measurement For Wideband Mobile Communication, Location Aware Wireless Networks, On the Performance-Complexity Trade-Off for High Data Rates, Distributed Self-organization of Physical Resource Usage.

The topics of the presentation drew much attention to the participants. In the end of the seminar, all the presented guests agreed to keep in touch and exchange academic ideas periodically.