Changning Park of SIMIT

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Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, CAS is conveniently located near Zhongshan Park of Shanghai Changning District. The total construction area is 40,400 sq. m,in which the institute covers 22,000 sq. m, the buildings cover3,600 sq. m, and the green space covers 8,000 sq. m (36.5% green ratio).Itwas successively awarded as the municipal advanced unit for afforestation, district garden unit and five-star unit for environmental protection and greening.

Through years of construction, a camphor boulevard connecting all scenic spots of the park with 78 camphor trees as the main line has been formed in Changning Park. It created a special landscape withgrass, trees, statues, and waters from the north to east. Walking along the road, one can feel the relaxing, happiness, and the difference fromthat of noisy neighborhoods, whichgave the park special atmosphere of science and culture.

Changning Park is the headquarter of SIMIT, and R&D units including the State Key Laboratory of TransducerTechnology, State Key laboratory of Functional Materials for Informatics, Center for Excellent forSuperconducting Electronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Key Laboratory of Terahertz Solid-StateTechnology of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Collaborative Innovation Center for High-Reliability Integrated Circus Components are located in the Park.