Jiading Park of SIMIT

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At the beginning of 1960, a Scientific Satellite Town was founded in ShanghaiJiadingDistric, including the subdivisions of relative institutes and schools. In May 1960, experimental plant of SIMIT started to be built at the North Gate of Jiading, and was put into use in the following year.Later on, four production lines of smelting and precision casting, magnetic materials, instruments and apparatus and indium phosphide single crystal were built and gradually developed into important pilot plant tests of the institute.

In December 2009, Chinese Academy of Sciences granted the general plan of Jiading Park with the scale of Phase I containing technology R&D center, expert apartment and postgraduate apartment. In March 2010, Shanghai Center on Internet of Things formed by SIMIT and Peoples Government of Jiading District was established and settled in Jiading Park. In May 2014, the Technology R&D Center and Supporting Project for Shanghai Center on Internet of Things with a construction area of 80,000 sq. m wasput into use in A building, together with several R&D units such as the Wireless Sensor Network Department. B Building contains incubator of new minimally invasive sources, which is an integrated incubation accelerating platform of scientific innovation with nearly 40 enterprises. In the Jiading Park, Shanghai Industrial μTechnology Research Institute established by SIMIT and Peoples Government of Jiading District in May 2013 is the main component of the collaborative innovation system of SIMIT.