How to build Shanghai Institute of Microsystem into a research institute that has global effect

Date:13-09-2017   |   【Print】 【close

In the morning of August 14, Mr Alfred Y. Cho, member of the United State National Academy of Sciences,    was invited to give us a report on “how to build Shanghai Institute of Microsystem into a research institute that has global effect”. More than 40 people have listened to the report, including Li aizhen, foreign member of the United State National Academy of Science, Xie Xiaoming, executive vice director, and leaders of the functional department and postgraduates.   

Firstly, Mr Alfred Y. Cho told us his research experience in Bell laboratory, and how he has developed molecular beam epitaxy. He thinks that science research should seek long term development instead of short term interest. Later, he gave some opinions on the development of Shanghai Institute of Microsystem, thinking that more effort  should be focused on the research of  technology that are related to the connecting technology of communication and high speed network, national safety and security and medication technology.  

During the period, Alfred Y. Cho gave us a general introduction to the talents evaluation system in Bell Laboratory, that is to say, select the superior and eliminate the inferior and inject new talents to the research team continuously, so to improve working passion of the staffs and promote development of new technology. He is hoping that china will establish a research institute or research center like Bell Laboratory in golden years. 

After that, interactive communication are performed between Alfred Y. Cho and Li Aizhen, Liuzhi, Taohu, Di Zengfeng and Ouxin on the topics such as the under establishment of national laboratory in china, talents mechanism and scientific development.  

At last, Xie xiaoming introduced the strategic positioning and developing plan for Shanghai Institute of Microsystem, pointing that along with coming of economic times and intense of scientific competition, competition of talents and guarantee of mechanism are becoming more important.   

The forum is holding by Yu Yuehui, deputy secretary of CPC and secretary of discipline inspection commission. He hoped the whole scientific staffs should work hard in unity and make contribution for the institute. He also hoped they should become the new heroes in the scientific area with perseverance and great ideal.