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Semiconductor Sensitive Devices and Semiconductor Sensors
2008-11-05 | A A A  【print】【close

With micro-nano combination methods, this project focuses the research on NEMS sensing effects, top-down and bottom-up compatible integration and realization of NEMS sensors for on-the-spot trace-level bio/chemical detection applications.

Main achievements:

1.    A novel MEMS high-shock accelerometers have been developed. The developed sensors are advantageous in device performance, by inventing patents on 5 aspects including sensing methods, structure and process, etc. the devices have been applied in important systems that makes an important breakthrough in related technical field. The achievement has been awarded the first prize of technological invention of Shanghai.

2.    3 kinds of important silicon-based micromachining techniques have been developed for fabrication of complicated 3-D microstructures. The achievements have been published in famous journals and conferences like IEDM, J-MEMS, IEEE T-ED, APL, etc. and have been cited for quite a lot of times in international literatures.

3.    Nanoscale size effect on silicon Young’s modulus has been experimentally found. Cantilever mass sensors with 5E-18 gram resolution has been developed. A quantitative model for interfacial energy variation during self-assembly has been created. The developed integrated cantilever sensors have detected bio/chemical molecules like TNT, DMMP and AFP-antigen at ultrahigh resolution level, which was highly evaluated by Prof. Roukes, et al. In this project we study NEMS sensing effects and NEMS trace-level resoluble sensors based on molecular specific reaction. 

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