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Professor Sebastian M. Schmidt visits Sha... [2013-05-31]
Xi Wang gave a general overview of SIMIT and updated the current status of cooperation between SIMIT and Juelich Research Center. Besides highly evaluating the fuitful...
SIMIT signs Memorandum of Understanding w... [2012-11-19]
October 29,2012,the delegation from Chalmers University of Technology(CTH)headed by Dr. Dag Winkler visited Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technolog...
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SIMIT signs Intention of Collaboration with ICT Center [2012-09-28]
Delegation from AIST visits SIMIT [2012-06-04]
Opening Ceremony of SIMIT-IMEC Joint Initiative on IOT [2012-04-01]
The delegation from MIT visits SIMIT [2012-03-30]
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4th Asian Symposium of Magnetocardiography[2012-08-14]
Academic Report on Nano Technology[2012-03-26]
Academic Report on Carbon Nanotubes[2012-03-26]
Summit on information communication technology[2011-09-29]
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Ultrasensitive SiNW-based DNA sensor reported[2011-10-20]
Sharp Turn Ahead for Optical Beams[2011-10-20]
SOI Group Publishes International Cooperation Achievement on Nano Letters[2009-12-28]
MEMS Sensor Reaches Wild Application Level[2009-12-28]
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