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Wireless Sensor Networks
2009-06-29 | A A A  【print】【close

The Microsystem Institute CAS, through research into the sensor network and sensor, has made innovative breakthroughs in several key technologies. It put forward the collaborative awareness sensor network and its system architecture for the first time in China, and these are now integral to the Overall Development Direction of National Critical Projects. It championed the Chinese form of the three-layer sensor network system architecture, and promoted a standardized architecture system for the international sensor network. It introduced the sensor network protocol stack system to the physics field, and became a secretariat unit of sensor network standardization in China, leading the preparation of national standards. It developed serial and miniaturized prototypes of sensor nodes, terminals, and central base stations, etc., completed multi-type network model machines for the DS-CDMA sensor network, the cognitive wireless sensor network, the self-organizing mobile sensor network, and the terminal micro-net, etc., and won supervisors’ applause in several joint demonstrations. It developed relevant core protocol chips, preliminarily applied wireless sensor network technology to urban rail transportation to improve public security, and formed the Standards of Shanghai Municipality on Unconventional Technical Protection of Rail Transportation Security, which is likely to become a national standard. In addition, our Institute has also become the Associate Editing Unit responsible for defining technical standards around the protection and security of the public within the national urban rail transportation network. 

The Microsystem Institute’s sensor network has been now applied to fencing engineering of important facilities such as airports, etc., security protection of important targets, monitoring of rail transportation, and Jiaxing digital channel construction project. Currently, the Institute is working hard on expanding the applications of the technology in the theme of “Intelligent World Expo and Intelligent Shanghai”.

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