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Micro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC)
2009-06-29 | A A A  【print】【close

Characterized by its high-energy density, long service life, portability and micromation, the micropower has become the technical bottleneck in the development of the wireless microelectronic device and microsystem such as the mobile phone. The DMFC has high-energy density, lower environmental pollution, and high tolerance to price changes. Its fuel is safer in the transportation, storage and utilization. Therefore, it might be exemplified and tested in some circumstances and get commercialized first. It has drawn wide attention both inside and outside China.
Driven by demands of micro-electronic device and microsystem on micropower, and based on the MEMS processing technology, the Institute has developed the DMFC, targeting the development of the micro-fuel cells with high energy density, stable performance and long working hours. In addition, the Institute emphasized the research and development of key materials and the preparation of core parts and integration of the micro-energy system, laying a sold foundation for the demonstrative application and industrial development of the DMFC. 

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