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Terahertz (THz) physics and devices
2009-06-29 | A A A  【print】【close

The THz subject team mainly focused on the THz semiconductor device physics, the THz quantum cascade laser (THzQCL), the THz quantum well photodetector (THzQWP), and the THz communication, achieving following major results:

1.    In the THzQCL device design and simulation: Finished resonant-phonon THzQCL Monte Carlo simulation study. Conducted critical research on the THzQCL potential barrier tunneling thickness of the resonant-phonon structure as well as the impact of such parameters as doping density, etc. on the device performance. Studied systematically the differences in the performance of THzQCL devices of active region with the three-well structure and the four-well structure, and conducted theoretical optimization of structural parameters of existing devices.

2. In the device research: Adopted the high vacuum electron beam evaporation method to prepare the THzQCL metal waveguide layer, and finished double-sided metal waveguide bonding technology. Set up the THz device electrical/optical characteristic testing platform, and realized the measurement of I-V characteristic, emission spectrum, and emission power of the THzQCL device.

3. Realized the THz communication demonstration based on THzQCL and THzQWP, and finished the document transmission with the frequency of 4.1 THz, laying a solid foundation for the THz wireless communication demonstration system.

4. Independently developed the quantum cascade laser with the frequency of 3.2 THz successfully. The team adopted the V90 gas source molecular beam epitaxy equipment to grow the THzQCL active region based on the aAs/AlGaAs materials system; employed the single metal wave-guide process to prepare and package the THzQCL device, and utilized the Fourier transform far infra-red spectroscopy to test the emission spectrum of the device with the maser frequency of 3.2 THz.

Achievements in the THz research field have laid solid foundations for the development of relevant THz in fields such as wireless communication, etc. In 2008, the Institute published 28 papers in publications such as Phys. Rev. B, Appl. Phys. Lett. and J. Appl. Phys., etc., and nine conference papers in both domestic and international conferences. The in-progress projects include the 973, 863, National Fund of Outstanding Youth A and B, National Fund of Natural Science, Shanghai key project fundamental research, Shanghai Pujiang Program, and Shanghai national cooperative fund, etc.

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