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Efficient Stereo Matching Leveraging Deep Local and Context Information

Feature Ensemble Network with Occlusion Disambiguation for Accurate Patch-based Stereo Matching

Order-Based Disparity Refinement Including Occlusion Handling for Stereo Matching

Ground Plane Detection with a New Local Disparity Texture Descriptor. IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Infor...

Effective Indoor Localization and 3D Point Registration Based on Plane Matching Initialization[J]

Robust Stereo Visual Odometry Using Improved RANSAC-Based Methods for Mobile Robot Localization. ...

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Stereo Matching Based on Efficient Image-Guided Cost Aggregation. IEICE Transactions on Informati...

Free Space Estimation on Nonflat Plane Based on V-Disparity. IEEE Signal Processing Letters

Robust Scale Adaptive and Real-Time Visual Tracking with Correlation Filters. IEICE Transactions ...

Robust Object Tracking with Compressive Sensing and Patches Matching. IEICE Transactions on Infor...

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Salient Region Detection Based on Color Uniqueness and Color Spatial Distribution

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