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Xi Wang
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Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences 






Xi Wang, male, was born in August 1966 in Shanghai. He graduated from Tsinghua University in 1987, and got the Master’s Degree in 1990 and Ph.D Degree in 1993 both in Materials Physics in Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy of Academy of Sciences of China. He currently he works as a researcher and doctoral tutor.He was elected Academician of  the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He was a Research Assistant in Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences from 1993 to 1994, among which period he worked as a visiting scholar of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization from July 1993 to May 1994. Later he worked successively as Associate Researcher, Deputy Head of Research Laboratory, Researcher, Head of Research Laboratory, and Assistant of Director of the Institute from 1994 to 2004, among which period he went to Forschungszentrum Rossendorf for visiting research as a “Humboldt” Fellow from May 1996 to June 1998. He served as Head of the Ion Beam Development & Research Lab of Chinese Academy of Sciences upon return. He was awarded the special government allowance granted by the State Council in 1998 as well as the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 1999. From April 2004 on, he served as the Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem. He took the roles of the Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem, Vice Chief of the General Expert Group of key special project of “ULSI Manufacturing Technology and Complete Set of Process” in the National Mid-Term and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan, as well as Chairman of Shanghai Simgui Technology Co., Ltd. from January 2007. Then he served as the Secretary of the Party Committee, Executive Vice Director, and Legal Representative of Shanghai Institute of Microsystem from March 2009.

Wang Xi has been dedicated to the research of the physical phenomenon of interaction between energetic particle beam and solid ever since he started work, with the research interests covering advanced electronic materials and functional thin-layer materials R&D and surface engineering, etc He has been responsible for and completed many national level projects, including the key special project of “ULSI Auxiliary Materials” in the national “863 Plan”, etc. Moreover, he has applied his research results to the artificial synthesis of advanced electronic materials, and achieved a series of important innovative research results. He published more than 100 papers in international academic journals such as Applied Physics Letters, etc., and has been often invited to speak in international academic conferences. He was elected the only international member of the IBMM in China region. The research team led by Wang Xi is the most advanced in China especially in the new generation advanced silicon-based electronic material Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI). The Shanghai Simgui Technology Co., Ltd. founded by him has become the 4th most important SOI material R&D center next to US, Japan and France. In 2008, he developed China’s first piece of 8-inch bonding SOI wafer, a significant breakthrough in SOI wafer preparation technology.

In 2006, the “High-end Silicon-based SOI Material Research and Industrialization” project led by Wang Xi won the First Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress, with the project research team granted the Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 2007, and the Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation 2008.

He has mentored two postdoctoral students, four Ph.Ds, and four Masters, and is current tutoring four doctoral students and a postgraduates. At the same time he also holds part-time academic positions, including Director of Youth Committee of Chinese Materials Research Society and Shanghai Semiconductor Materials Professional Committee, Executive Director of Shanghai Vacuum Society, Member of Academic Committees of Four Key Labs of Fudan University, Shanghai Atomic Nucleus Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as Member of Review Panels of famous academic journals including international journal Bohmische Scientific Members, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology in US, and Science Bulletin in China, etc.

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