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An Approximate Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm for Tradeoff between Fairness and Throughput in WSN

Yongbo Cheng,Shiliang Xiao,Jianpo Liu,Feng Guo,Ronghua Qin,Baoqing Li,Xiaobing Yuan,Wireless Networks,2017,13

A classification method for moving targets in the wild based on microphone array and linear spars...

Feng Guo,Jingchang Huang,Xin Zhang,Xing You,Xingshui Zu,Qin Zhao,Yuanyuan Ding, Huawei Liu,Baoqing Li,Neurocomputing,2017,28-37

Design of an Acoustic Target Intrusion Detection System Based on Small-Aperture Microphone Array

Xingshui Zu,Feng Guo,Jingchang Huang,Qin Zhao,Huawei Liu,Baoqing Li,Xiaobing Yuan,Sensors,17(30):514,2017

Proportional Fairness in Cognitive Wireless Powered Communication Networks

Yongbo Cheng,Pengcheng Fu,Yuanyuan Ding,Baoqing Li,Xiaobing Yuan, IEEE Communications Letters,21(6):4,2017

An Effective and Robust Decentralized Target Tracking Scheme in Wireless Camera Sensor Networks

Pengcheng Fu,Yongbo Cheng,Hongying Tang,Baoqing Li,Jun Pei,Xiaobing Yuan,Sensors,17,2017

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Design of a Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Method Used for an Automatic Bearing Tracking System

Feng Guo,Huawei Liu,Jingchang Huang,Xin Zhang,Xingshui Zu,Baoqing Li,Xiaobing Yuan,Sensors,7(16):1145,2016

Joint Power and Time Allocation in Full-Duplex Wireless Powered Communication Networks

Yongbo Cheng,Pengcheng Fu,Yuchao Chang,Baoqing Li,Xiaobing Yuan,Mobile Information Systems,1-17,2016

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Improving video foreground segmentation with an object-like pool

Xiaoliu Cheng,Wei Lv,Haiwei Liu,Xing You,Baoqing Li,Xiaobing Yuan,journal of electronic imaging,24(2):023034-1~023034-8,2015

A Two-Stage Detection Method for Moving Targets in the Wild Based on Microphone Array

Feng Guo,Jingchang Huang,Xin Zhang,IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL,15(10):5795~5803,2015

Design of an Acoustic Target Classification System Based on Small-Aperture Microphone Array

Jingchang Huang,Xin Zhang,Feng Guo, Qianwei Zhou,Huawei Liu,Baoqing Li,IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement,64(7):2035-2043,2015

Improving video foreground segmentation and propagation through multifeature fusion

Xiaoliu Cheng,Yan Wang,Xiaobing Yuan,Baoqing Li,Yuanyuan Ding,Zebin Zhang,journal of electronic imaging,24(6):063017-1~063017-12,2015

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A practical fundamental frequency extraction algorithm for motion parameters estimation of moving...

Jingchang Huang,Xin Zhang,Qianwei Zhou,Enliang Song,Baoqing Li,IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement,2014

Minimum Latency Broadcast in the SINR model: A Parallel Routing and Scheduling Approach

Shiliang Xiao,Jun Pei,Xingwei Chen,Wenbin Wang,IEEE Communications Letters,18(6):1027-1030,2014

Acoustic Source Localization via Subspace Based Method Using Small Aperture MEMS Arrays

Xin Zhang,Enliang Song,Jingchang Huang,Huawei Liu,YuePeng Wang,Baoqing Li, Xiaobing Yuan,Journal of sensorsArticle, ID675726,14,201

On centralized and distributed algorithms for minimizing data aggregation time in duty-cycled wir...

Shiliang Xiao,Jingchang Huang,Lebing Pan,Yongbo Cheng,Jianpo Liu,ACM/Springer Wireless Networks,20(7):1729-1741,2014

Joint Multiband Signal Detection and Cyclic Spectrum Estimation from Compressive Samples

Lebing Pan, Shiliang Xiao,Xiaobing Yuan,Baoqing Li,EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking,2014,218

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Seismic targets classification using wavelet packet manifold in unattended ground sensors systems

Jingchang Huang,Qianwei Zhou,Xin Zhang,Enliang Song,Baoqing Li,Xiaobing Yuan,Sensors,2013(7):8534-8550

An efficient clustering protocol for wireless sensor networks based on localized game theoretical...

Dongfeng Xie,Qi Sun,Qianwei Zhou,Yunzhou Qiu,Xiaobing Yuan,International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks,2013,1-11

A quarter-car vehicle model based feature for wheeled and tracked vehicles classification

Qianwei Zhou,Baoqing Li,zhijun Kuang,Dongfeng Xie,Guanjun Tong,Liping Hu,Xiaobing Yuan,Journal of Sound and Vibration,332(26):7279-7289,2013

Distributed Broadcast with Minimum Latency in Asynchronous Wireless Sensor Networks under SINR-ba...

Shiliang Xiao,Lebing Pan,Jianpo Liu,Baoqing Li,Xiaobing Yuan,International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks,2013(1):1-12

A Novel Energy-efficient Cluster Formation Strategy: from the Perspective of Cluster Members

Dongfeng Xie,Qianwei Zhou,Xing You,Baoqing Li,Xiaobing Yuan,IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS17(11):2044-2047,2013

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A Practicable Method for Ferromagnetic Object Moving Direction Identification

Qianwei Zhou,Guanjun Tong,Baoqing Li,Xiaobing Yuan,IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS,48(8):2340-2345,2012

A Seismic-Based Feature Extraction Algorithm for Robust Ground Target Classification

Qianwei Zhou,Guanjun Tong,Dongfeng Xie,Baoqing Li,Xiaobing Yuan,IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS,19(10):639-642,2012

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