Bo Liu

Title: Professor
Subject: Nano-electronic materials and device
Phone: +86-021-62511070
Fax: +86-021-62524192
Address: 865 Changning Road, Shanghai,China, 200050


Ph.D. supervisor, received his Ph.D degree under the supervisor of Academician Fuxi Gan in Shanghai Institute of Optics and fine Mechanics, CAS in 2003. He is the Chief Scientist of National “973” Key Basic Research Project. His main research directions include phase-change memory key materials and chip process technology. He has undertaken or participated in more than 30 research projects, such as National Integrated Circuit Major Program and, 973/863 Programs etc. He has published 221 papers, and applied for 129 patents (118 patents have been authorized). He was engaged in the publication of “China Materials Engineering Canon”, “Photonics Technology and Application“, “Phase Change Memory” and “Da Cihai”. He has supervised 13 postgraduate students and co-supervised 15 ones. 


Company                                                                                                                          Titles                                            Date

Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology                            Vice-Prof./M.E. supervisor       2005.3-2008.12

Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology                            Prof./Ph.D. supervisor               2009.1-


Institution                                                                                                       Degree                                  Date                              Major

Shanghai Institute of Microsystem                                                     Post doctor                       2003.6-2005.3           Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics                                     

and Information Technology, CAS

Shanghai Institute of Optics                                                                        PhD                                       2000.9-2003.6             Materials Science

and Fine Mechnics ElectronicShanghai Institute of Optics                    M.E                                      1997.9-2000.6          Materials Science


and Fine Mechnics ElectronicQilu University of Technology             B.S                                          1993.9-1997.6             Materials Science



2012: Member of Youth Innovation Promotion Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2009: Shanghai Rising-Star Program (Tracking winners)

2008: Lu Jiaxi Young Talent Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2006: Shanghai Rising-Star Program (A type)


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