Research Associate

Sannian Song

Title: Associate Professor

Subject: Phase change materials and process
Phone: +86-021-62511070
Fax: +86-021-62524192
Address: 865 Changning Road, Shanghai,China, 200050


His major research interests are Phase Change Random Access Memory (PCRAM). He is responsible for the study of phase change materials and device process, undertaking NSFC program, and involved in National IC Research Program and National Key Research Program. He has published over 130 SCI-indexed scientific papers on the journals such as Applied Physics Letters, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces and Nanoscale etc. He has also been authorized 40 invention patents.


Ph.D., 2008, Tongji University

B.S., 1997, Shanxi University


Associate Professor, SIMIT, 2011-present

Postdoctoral Fellow, SIMIT, 2008-2010


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