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Lab of Silicon-based Materials and Integrated Devices, as a part of State Key Lab of Functional Materials for Informatics, is committed to providing the advanced silicon-based technology for its applications in high speed, low power consumption circuits, high temperature resistant circuits, micro-mechanical sensors, 5G RF front end and photoelectric integration. Strategically positioned at basic research and industrialization, and aligned to address essential challenges of the development of the research areas, the laboratory is targeted to meet the nation’s strategic demands and to promote academic advancements, with a special emphasis on training of highly-qualified talent. The lab conducts research involving advanced silicon-based materials research, especially in the area of: large-scale silicon wafer, advanced SOI materials and devices, radiation tolerant SOI materials and devices, silicon-based 2D materials and devices, hetero-integration XOI materials and devices, power devices, integrated circuits materials genome engineering, silicon-based photonic devices, and high reliable IC chips, etc.