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  "Key Laboratory of wireless sensor network and communication" was established in 2008, mainly engaged in research, product development, production and service of key technologies such as broadband wireless access and future mobile communication.
The Key Laboratory of wireless sensor network and communication has taken the lead in the research of the key technologies of the new generation of mobile communication in China. It has put forward the dft-s-gmc transmission solution of the new generation of broadband wireless mobile communication with independent intellectual property rights. It has successively developed the MiWAVE broadband wireless access system and the mobile broadband wireless access system based on TD-LTE. In wireless city, high-speed railway, public security, water The utility, electric power and other industries have a wide range of applications.
  5.12 during the earthquake rescue, a number of emergency broadband wireless communication networks were established in Beichuan, Pingwu, Anxian, Qingchuan and other places, which played an important role in the earthquake relief, especially in the tangjiashanyan Lake disaster, the 24-hour non-stop remote wireless monitoring system played an irreplaceable key role in the disaster monitoring and expert consultation.
Cooperating with China communication group to carry out research on high-speed railway vehicle ground broadband wireless communication, railway location network and other projects, it has possessed the broadband communication technology capability under the relative speed of vehicle ground 500km / h, and can support HD video communication.
  Cooperate with NARI Group to carry out technical research and development and industrialization promotion of power wireless broadband private network.

  Inspired by the overall plan of the state to encourage independent innovation, the "knowledge innovation" and "scientific and technological   innovation" of the Academy of Sciences, the Key Laboratory of wireless sensor network and communication will actively participate in domestic and foreign cooperation and standardization based on its own core intellectual property rights, and further develop 5g and other future broadband wireless mobile communication systems, Strive to become an important base for scientific research and development, technological innovation and achievement industrialization. 
Laboratory location:
  Based on the development frontier of wireless sensor and broadband communication technology, facing the major national strategies and industry application needs, adhering to the concept of military civilian integration development, we will carry out strategic, cutting-edge and forward-looking basic research and application basic research of advanced wireless technology, actively carry out high-level academic exchanges and cooperation through interdisciplinary crossing in the field of sensor and communication, and strive to build the laboratory Set up a national base with international influence for independent innovation and research of wireless technology, high-end talent training and social services.
Laboratory objectives:
  ① We have conquered a number of cutting-edge theories and core technologies in the field of wireless sensor and broadband communication, gradually established the "information fusion theory system of sensor and communication", supported the implementation of a series of national major scientific and technological projects (6g / air space, etc.), and led the leapfrog development of wireless technology in China.
  ② Breaking through a number of technical bottlenecks restricting the industrialization of wireless sensor and communication, facing the application of power and railway industry, solving the two "neck sticking" problems, promoting the transformation of scientific research achievements, and enhancing the international competitiveness of China's wireless information technology.
  ③ Cultivate and gather a group of high-end talents, promote interdisciplinary integration, and form a discipline system with distinctive characteristics and first-class in the world