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The Key Laboratory of Terahertz Solid-State Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has been established in 2010. Since then, based on our long-term accumulation in terahertz (THz) photonics and electronics, we have continuously dedicated to the researches of THz basic theories, key THz devices, and THz application systems and so on. All these research activities are guided by China’s middle/long-term development strategy, development demands for THz related technologies, and the research status and trend in domestic and foreign groups.

Relying on many national major projects, the Key Laboratory has carried researches of real-time imaging and coherent detection using self-developed high power THz quantum cascade laser (QCL), constructed the new generation THz detection and analysis instrument of dangerous goods by joint researches, and realized the measure and recognition of C4 explosives. We have also developed the first generation of SimImage, a human imaging scanner at millimeter wave, which could do quick detection of contrabands hidden in the human body, so satisfies current increasing demands for public anti-terrorism. This imaging scanner has been exhibited in the 17th Shanghai Industrial Fair for the first time. Furthermore, we have made several important progresses in the high-quality THz QCL, THz quantum well photodetector (QWP), InP Schottky barrier diode (SBD) devices, THz holographic imaging system and millimeter wave 3D integrated detection system.

In past several years, we have undertaken dozens of national and provincial research projects, including the 863 Program of China, the 973 Program of China, the Major National Development Project of Scientific Instrument and Equipment, and the Knowledge Innovation Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and consequently have achieved several important progresses and breakthroughs in the researches of THz key devices and application systems. Due to the joint effort of every faculty member, we have realized high-quality THz QCL, high-efficiency THz QWP and InP SBD, which are utilized in the millimeter/THz wave systems, and have promoted the development of the THz key devices, core modules and application technologies. The Key Laboratory has achieved the National Science and Technology Progress Award (second prize) and several provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological awards.

In the future, we will continue to make great effort on the researches of the THz key devices and application systems, especially focusing at the technologies that are benefit for the national economy, needed for real applications and staying at the forefront of the technological development. We wish to give our contribution in serving the national economy using THz technology.