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Nanoscale distribution of Bi atoms in InP1?xBix

Liyao Zhang, Mingjian Wu, Xiren Chen, Xiaoyan Wu, Erdmann Spiecker, Yuxin Song, Wenwu Pan, Yaoyao Li, Li Yue, Jun Shao, and Shumin Wang
Scientific Reports

Closing the bandgap for III-V nitrides toward mid-infrared and THz applications

P. F. Lu, D. Liang, Y. J. Chen, C. F. Zhang, R. G. Quhe, and S. M. Wang
Scientific Reports

Spin injection and helicity control of surface spin photocurrent in a three dimensional topologic...

Y. Q. Huang, Y. X. Song, S. M. Wang, I. A. Buyanova and W. M. Chen,
Nature Communication

1.142 μm GaAsBi/GaAs Quantum Well Lasers Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

X. Y. Wu, W. W. Pan, Z. P. Zhang, Y. Y. Li, C. F. Cao, J. J. Liu, L. Y. Zhang, Y. X. Song, H. Y. Ou and S. M. Wang
ACS Photonics

Quasiparticle and optical properties of strained stanene and stanane

Pengfei Lu, Liyuan Wu, Chuanghua Yang, Dan Liang, Ruge Quhe, Pengfei Guan and S. M. Wang
Scientific Reports

High frequency modulation and injection locking of terahertz quantum cascade lasers

L. Gu, W. J. Wan, Y. H. Zhu, Z. L. Fu, H. Li and J. C. Cao
Journal of Optics

Direct detection of a fast modulated terahertz light with a spectrally matched quantum-well photo...

Z. Y. Tan, H. Li, W. J. Wan, Z. L. Fu, C. Wang, and J. C. Cao
Electron. Lett.

Terahertz imaging using photomixers based on quantum well photodetectors

T. Zhou, H. Li, W. J. Wan, Z. L. Fu, and J. C. Cao,
AIP Advances 7

Transient energy relaxation in scattering-assisted terahertz quantum cascade lasers

F. Wang, X. G. Guo, and J. C. Cao,
Appl. Phys. Lett.

Terahertz quantum well photodetectors with metal-grating couplers

R. Zhang, D. X. Shao, Z. L. Fu, H. X. Wang, T. Zhou, Z. Y. Tan, and J. C. Cao
IEEE J. Sel. Top. Quantum Electron

5-ps-long terahertz pulses from an active-mode-locked quantum cascade laser

Alireza Mottaghizadeh, Djamal Gacemi, Pierre Laffaille, Hua Li, Maria Amanti, Carlo Sirtori, Giorgio Santarelli, Wolfgang Haensel, Ronald Holzwart, Lian H. Li, Edmund H. Linfield

Homogeneous spectral spanning of terahertz semiconductor lasers with radio frequency modulation

W. J. Wan,H. Li*,T. Zhou,J. C. Cao
Scientific Reports

6.2-GHz modulated terahertz light detection using fast terahertz quantum well photodetectors

Hua Li, Wenjian Wan, Zhiyong Tan, Zhanglong Fu, H. X. Wang, Tao Zhou, Z. P. Li, C. Wang, X. G. Guo, and Juncheng Cao
Sci. Rep.

Two-colour THz quantum well photodetectors

Haixia Wang, Rong Zhang, Feng Wang, Zhejing Jiao, Dixiang Shao, Zhanglong Fu, Tao Zhou, Zhiyong Tan and Jungcheng Cao
Electron. Lett.

The nonlinear optical conductivity resulting from the local energy spectrum at M point in graphene

Zheng Liu, Chao Zhang, and J. C. Cao
Phys. Rev. B

Multipath Propagation Channel Modeling and Capacity Analysis for Terahertz Indoor Communications

C. Liu, C. Wang, and J. C. Cao
Journal of Optical Techonology

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Groove-shape-induced bandwidth expansion of spoof surface plasmon polaritons on planar corrugated...

P. Wei, X. G. Guo, C. Zhang, R. Yang, Y. M. Zhu
Opt. Commun

Design of broadband and high-output power uni-travelling-carrier photodiodes

P. Zhang, X. Zhang, and R. Zhang
Opt. Commun

Piezoelectric Active Humidity Sensors Based on Lead-Free NaNbO3 Piezoelectric Nanofibers

Li Gu, Di Zhou and Jun Cheng Cao

Performance Analysis of LDPC Codes on OOK Terahertz Wireless Channels

C. Liu, C. Wang, and J. C. Cao
Chin. Phys.

Single-mode tapered terahertz quantum cascade lasers with lateral gratings

C. Yao, T. H. Xu, W. J. Wan, H. Li, and J. C. Cao
Solid-State Electron

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Terahertz Absorption Spectra for Water Clusters (H2...

Y. D. Wu, T. Zhou, Z. W. Yao, J. C. Cao
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy

Accelerometer-based Hand Gesture Recognition by Neural Network and Similarity Matching

R. Q. Xie and J. C. Cao
IEEE Sensor Journal

Frequency Up-Conversion Photon-Type Terahertz Imager

Z. L. Fu*, L. L. Gu*, X. G. Guo, Z. Y. Tan, W. J. Wan, T. Zhou, D. X. Shao, R. Zhang, J. C. Cao,
Sci. Rep.

Research on the Terahertz Absorption Spectra of Histidine Enantiomer (L) and its Racemic Compound...

Tao Zhou, Yi dong Wu, Jun cheng Cao, Liang liang Zou, Jie Yuan, Zhen wei Yao, Gong jie Xu
Applied spectroscopy

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A Broadband T/R Front-end of Millimeter Wave Holographic Imaging

Yun Sun, Minghui Yang, Hengrong Cui, Minhua Chen, Yukun Zhu, Xiaowei Sun
Journal of Computer and Communications

Compact Substrate Integrated Waveguide Transversal Filter with Mixed Source-Load Coupling

Peng-fei Sun;Wei Shen1;Liang Wu1;Rong Qian;Xiao-Wei Sun
Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications

High-efficiency millimetre-wave spatial power combining structure

Jinyi Ding;Qingyuan Wang;Yunbo Zhang;Liang Wu; Xiaowei Sun
Electronics Letters

Dual-Band Differential Bandpass Filter Using Stepped Impedance Resonators

Hengrong Cui;Yun Sun;Shuna Wang;Yunlong Lu
International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering

Dual-band tunable bandpass filter with independently tunable center frequencies

Hengrong Cui;Yun Sun;Shuna Wang;Yunlong Lu
International Journal of Electronics Letters

Nonlinear optical conductivity of bilayer graphene with Rashba spin-orbit interaction in the tera...

Zheng Liu, Matthew Sanderson, Chao Zhang, and J. C. Cao
J. Appl. Phys.

Similarity Matching Based Extensible Hand Gesture Recognition

Renqiang Xie, Xia Sun, Xiang Xia, J. C. Cao,
IEEE Sensors Journal

Three-dimensional imaging with terahertz quantum cascade laser and quantum well photodetector

T. Zhou, Z. Y. Tan, L. Gu, Z. L. Fu, Z. W. Yao, and J. C. Cao,
Electron. Lett.

Optical-Phonon-Mediated Photocurrent in Terahertz Quantum-Well Photodetectors

L. L. Gu, X. G. Guo, Z. L. Fu, W. J. Wan, R. Zhang, Z. Y. Tan, J. C. Cao
Appl. Phys. Lett

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