Research profile

Bio-vision System Laboratory was established in September 2015. Following the State Council’s guideline on developing artificial intelligence, to fulfill the mission of Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences (CEBSIT) and carry out Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Thirteen-Five plan on Brain Science and Brain Artificial Intelligence as well as SIMIT’s own incubating strategies, our researches focus on developing the core technologies on bionic binocular perception system, bionic vision control system, intelligent vision algorithms, brain artificial intelligence etc , to support the development of a universal robotic platform which has its own independent operating system, generalized hardware modules, sensors and mechanical actuators. Based on these core technologies the laboratory is building a common robot brain system which has eyes, ears, mouth, vestibule, force, stretching and other sensing organs. The team made a concerted effort on integrating every parts of the system together to develop an intelligent processing and controlling system that mimics the functionalities of cerebellum, mesencephalon, brain stem. The relevant results have been applied through the industrial subsidiary company in the radio and television industry, industrial robots, Service robot, intelligent security, intelligent medical, virtual Reality and other areas. One of the laboratory research results, Mobile Robot R1, won the 2015 China International Industry Fair Innovation Award, and equipped with Intelligent bionic eye module from the laboratory, the SIASUN Collaborative Dual-arm Robot won the Gold Award in China International Industry Fair.