Xiaolin Zhang interviewed by oriental finance pudding channel on “year of times”

Date:25-10-2017   |   【Print】 【close

        On the 6th of September, Xiaolin Zhang of the Bionic Vision System Laboratory at the Shanghai Institute of Microsystems and Information Technology, a department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences gave an interview on the topic of building Shanghai’s Intelligent Development. It was meant to give an in depth explanation on “A new generation of artificial intelligence development planning”. Xiaolin gave his own interpretention on this topic. This program was broadcast on the 24th of September on the Oriental Finance Pudong Channel.  

        From the Shanghai “Brain Intelligence Project” documentary, we can learn new things which help us in our research on the Bionic Vision System.  This technology has also helped develop 2 new products. Firstly, a 3D camera system which can automatically and efficiently correct geometric errors, which is exclusive to the Bionic Vision System lab.  Second, a Vision algorithm module – this module is used by other companies including Siasun. This algorithm helps robots to build more efficiently. This technology has attracted the attention of the world. 

        In the interview, Xiaolin Zhang insisted the importance of specialization for researchers. Xiaolin Zhang insists that Chinese Scientists stick to the highest of standards and ethics in their research. Xiaolin Zhang is currently leading our team in finding where we can use our technology of “Bionic Eyes” in the field of Artificial Intelligence.  His continuous efforts in placing this product in the market helps us to concentrate on our research, and the holding of high standards on research will push this generation of scientists and researchers to reach the next level on the global stage of Artificial Intelligence.

“Year of Times” is an annual Science and Technology documentary, showcasing the advances in technology and the related new start-ups in China. It tries to build the capacity for this in Shanghai and aims to be the market leader.