Bionic Vision System Laboratory exhibitors nationwide “Double Innovation Week” successfully

Date:25-10-2017   |   【Print】 【close

        September 2017, Shanghai ushered in the golden season of science and technology, the third national "Double Innovation Week" main venue land  in Shanghai, and Changning District and Jiading District become the main display plate of "Double Innovation Week" . September 15, Changning District meeting held 2017 Shanghai "Double Innovation Week" opening ceremony, Shanghai “Double Innovation Week” Changning sub-venue series of activities officially launched with the theme of  “the development of intelligent technology, service city innovation”. September 16, Jiading sub-venue held two major events, "Shanghai Jiading innovation and opening of the building and Shanghai Jiading double street opening ceremony" and "2017 Shanghai Jiading Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum" .
        Bionic Vision System Laboratory (BVSL),  Shanghai Institute of Micro system and Information Technology(SIMIT), in Changning, Jiading two venues show latest research results, respectively. In the Changning District meeting , our Lab is mainly exhibiting movable bionic visual sensor. The sensor is developed based on  control theory of human eye movement, with object detection and identification, target tracking, ground plane obstacle detection, visual odometer, remote control and other functions. In addition, through real-time 3D video transmission technology and intelligent image processing algorithms, the sensor can provide real-time, realistic reality and some self-awareness, long-range 3D visual operation with highly telepresence.

        In the Jiading District meeting, show a new generation binocular vision sensor “LeadSence”, which is mainly for the current hot car technology, robot vision navigation technology, and monitoring security and other fields, and provides a complete set of hardware and software systems. Our lab also demonstrates the self-developed visual algorithms based on LeadSence , including real-time, high-precision 3D reconstruction, robot real-time autonomous positioning SLAM algorithm, as well as visual volume measurement and so on practical functions. During the period, Academician  Wang Xi, Top leader of SIMIT , visited the exhibition hall of the BVSL in two exhibition venues and put forward higher requirements for the future research and development for our lab. In a short,  the "Double Innovation Week" activities let people experience the creative and real design of technology.