Processor Zhang Xiaolin participate in Stay-exchange in the Institute Of Neuroscience At the invitation of the company academician Pu Muming, Processor Du Jiulin

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October 17, 2017, processor Zhang Xiaolin participate in Stay-exchange in the Institute Of Neuroscience at the invitation of the company academician Pu Muming, processor Du Jiulin.

The Stay-exchange activity is for promotion of interdisciplinary exchange, The first stage is  Processor's theme report, including Processor Wang Wei, Processor Zhu Shujia, Processor  Cai Shiqing, Processor Du Jiulin, rocessor Yao Hai Shan ,who all work in Institute Of Neuroscience, then is  Prcessor Zhang Xiaolin’s special report.

The exchange activity is mainly about the visual brain mechanism, biological neural activity mechanism, brain-like bionic visual technology, visual semantic processing, which is to discuss the latest research progress, concise key scientific issues, analysis of the current research Bottlenecks, to explore future development goals. After the experts and scholars have done a theme lecture, Processor Zhang Xiaolin made a systematic report, starting from the definition of bionics science, pointed out that "brain-like artificial intelligence" is a great proposition,  efforts should be made in the following three aspects: . Elements, functions, systems. This report summarizes the current research, including the construction of a neural cell equivalent circuit with computational function, realization of the coordination function of both eyes, and puts forward the mathematical model of binocular vision motion control system. Additionally,  Zhang Xiaolin also summarizes the research progress on three major visual fields, which are self-localization, 3D reconstruction, attention and recognition, and the difficulties of research and offers the prospect for the technique application. Zhang Xiaolin said he hoped to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, in the face of national demand for scientific research bottlenecks, and promote collaborative research.


Through this activity, we strengthened the academic exchanges and cooperation between SIMIT and the the Institute Of Neuroscience, and it is conducive to targeting the forefront of technological development and explore the mysteries of the "three pound universe" ,  obtain the better effect like 1+1>2 , Deepen the combination research of neuroscience and brain-like intelligence to enhance the influence of Shanghai and China in international neuroscience field.