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Research Divisions
State Key Laboratory of Transducer Technology / Key Laboratory of Microsystem Technology
Strate Key Laboratory of Functional Materials for Informatics
Nano Technology Laboratory
Key Laboratory of Wireless Sensor Networks & Communications, CAS
RF and Energy Microsysterm Technology Laboratory
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The Laboratory was founded in 2006. It focuses on the fundamental research, system development and applications of wireless sensor networks (WSN) and broadband wireless communications.

Major research areas:
■ Effects and mechanisms of collaborative sensing in WSN
■ Networking-related systematic behaviour of WSN
■ Systematism of physical world-oriented protocol stacks for WSN
■ R&D of WSN core protocol chips
■ Architecture and framework of WSN standardization
■ WSN application patterns
■ Networking and MIMO in broadband wireless access system
■ Relay and spectrum sharing in cellular mobile communication system
■ Comprehensive testing platform for 4G

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