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Brief Introduction
The State Key Laboratory of Functional Materials for Informatics, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was founded in 1991 with a loan provided by the World Bank. The Laboratory was prepared in December of 1992, and finally accepted as a State Key Laboratory of China in June of 1995. In May of 1998, it was honored with a title of the Outstanding State Key Laboratory after the appraisal by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The current researches in the laboratory are focused on new thin-film materials, semiconductor microstuctrual devices, and the fundamental optic-electronic-magnetic physics and device applications relevant to information acquisition, transformation, processing and storage. The research activities at present include: (1) III-V compound semiconductor microstructural materials grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and their applications to the opto-electronic and high-speed electronic devices, such as infrared quantum cascade lasers and detectors, micro- and millimeter-wave devices, opto-electronic integration devices, and high-efficiency solar cells; (2) Silicon-based new thin film materials, such as silicon-on-insulator (SOI) thin film materials for microelectronics, and photonic crystal materials and physics; (3) Terahertz (THz) optoelectronics, including THz sources and detectors, interactions between THz radiations with low-dimensional semiconductors, and the simulation of microstructual semiconductor devices. The current director of the laboratory is Prof. Cao Juncheng and the director of academic committee is Prof. Wang Zhanguo.

Since its establishment, the laboratory has made great progress in its scientific research and development, especially in the semiconductor transport theory, III-V compound semiconductor microstructural materials and devices, and SOI materials. The laboratory was also a winner of the National Silver Award of Science for the excellent achievements in the balance-equation theory for semiconductor transport in 1995, and the National Copper Award of Science and Technology Progress for the project of “GaSb, GaAs and InP based high quality materials grown by MBE” in 1997, respectively.

At present, The laboratory has totally 27 staffs, including 9 professors, 4 associate professors and 2 senior engineers. Among them, 14 persons have Ph.D and 5 persons have M.S. degrees. In addition, more than 30 graduate students and 3 post-doctors are studying and working in the laboratory. They constitute a competent, creative and productive team dominated by young scientists and with a well-coordinated trinity of young, middle-aged and senior scientists.

The laboratory is equipped with gas source MBE (GSMBE), solid source and RF plasma-assisted MBE, excimer laser assisted deposition, and ultrahigh vacuum electron beam evaporation systems for the material preparation. There are also a lot of measurement instruments for the characterization of materials and devices, such as X-ray diffraction (XRD) system, temperature-variable Fourier transform spectrum meter, electro-chemical C-V and Hall measurement system, semiconductor device parameters analyzer, measurement system for optoelectronic device and solar cells, parallel computer clusters, and device process platform.

The laboratory has also been very active in research collaborations and academic exchanges since its foundation, and has established long-term collaborations with many famous research institutions and universities both in China and worldwide. These collaborations and visiting programs have played an important role in stimulating and improving the researches in the laboratory.
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